Instilling Service Excellence: the EXCEL Acronym

Instilling Service Excellence: the EXCEL Acronym

In advancing to new levels of customer service commitment, it's helpful to have an easy way to remember additional concepts that can make you a service superstar.

Since the goal is customer service excellence, this course uses the word E-X-C-E-L as an acronym for five important behaviors that impact the service mindset.

It might surprise you, but seeking help and knowing where to find it can improve your service abilities.

That's why E, for "Enlist Help", is the first concept in the EXCEL acronym.

X is for X-Ray questions, developing the skills to "read" your customers by asking the right questions in the right way.

It's a great relief to be able to say, "Case Closed" when there's a problem area with a customer.

But it takes planning and proactive thinking to stay ahead of trouble-spots, and in the "C" topic, this course gives you the steps to close off problematic customer issues by anticipating them.

The next letter is "E" for EMPOWER YOURSELF, one of the most crucial concepts to being a great service provider.

This lesson establishes the steps to taking ownership of your own personal service philosophy.

That brings us to the last letter, "L", which issues a challenge.

In "Learn to be Flexible", you must come up with a plan to increase your flexibility one day at a time.

These guidelines will instill a customer service mentality, and instill a spirit of commitment to service far beyond the workplace norm.